About Us

Ancora Options is a Providence-based medical center on wheels. Yes, the unit is completely sterile and safe to receive medical care in. We offer services completely free of charge to women in and around the Providence area. You let us know when, and we’ll be there.

Mobile_Inside01_800The Mobile Medical Unit

The mobile medical unit is fully equipped with lab-quality pregnancy testing services, an ultrasound imaging machine, and a knowledgeable member of our staff who can sit down and discuss your options with you. We know that unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and that you have a lot of questions, so we created this mobile unit for you. We offer high-quality, free of charge resources to women who are or might be pregnant, so you can get all the information you need without worrying about insurance.

Why We do It

Unexpected pregnancy is usually a difficult circumstance within itself, and it never happens during stress-free season of life. We offer these services completely free of charge so that women in our community can get the quality care they deserve to help them feel informed, empowered, and understood. At Your Options Mobile, we care for every woman facing unexpected pregnancy with love, dignity, and respect.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with Ancora Options Mobile today to get the timeliest care possible. We do welcome walk-ins.

If you’re facing unexpected pregnancy, we can’t imagine how you’re feeling. It might be scary, but you’re strong, and we’re here to get you what you need to decide on what comes next. Read more about the services we offerthe options you have, and how we can help you figure out the most empowering decision for you.